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There is Value in Mobile Home Remodeling Projects

You can find real value in fixing up your mobile home with a few remodeling tips and tricks. Although there may not be as much value in a mobile home it is still a worth while project to do some nice remodeling projects to make the living space more attractive and livable. This article will look at some possible mobile home remodeling projects you can do in a day.

Mobile Home Remodeling – Fix Up the Bathroom

The bathroom is often a smaller room in most mobile homes. You may want to consider adding some mirrors or other décor that will give the room the illusion of more space. Sometime the addition of a larger mirror can really add to a bathroom room.

Mobile Home Remodeling – Consider Some New Storage Areas

If you have a corner that is not being used you might add a nice storage unit to your mobile home remodeling plans. A corner storage unit will look very nice, but not take up as much room as many other types of cabinets.

New Floors May Be In Order

Mobile homes don’t always come with the best of flooring. You may want to spice up a kitchen with some new flooring material. There are some very nice laminate flooring products on the market today that might go rather nicely in your mobile home remodeling plans. You may be able to check with some local building supply stores to see if they have any suggestions for flooring in a mobile home setting.

Mobile home remodeling is not a tough job if you make some solid plans and check around for materials. One advantage that most mobile homes have is that most rooms are smaller and may not require as much martial to complete the job.

Realtors: Should They Attend Your Home Inspection?

Shhhh….don’t tell anyone…but I’ll be the first to admit that a Home Inspection, for the most part, isn’t much of a spectator sport. Watching an inspector run water from the kitchen sink faucet or repeatedly flush a toilet, shine their flashlight into closets, ascend into an attic space or disappear into the dark recesses of a crawl space, and plug a little test device into electrical outlets isn’t very…exciting. But the fact is that all of these activities are akin to the routine pop fly ball of a baseball game or a one yard gain on a run up the middle of football game. They aren’t usually the most interesting plays of the game, but if you aren’t paying attention, you’ll miss the bases-loaded home run or the 98 yard pass play for a touchdown. However, and at any time, the routine play can readily turn into a game-changer. Sure, you can wait till later and watch the highlight reel of a game…or read the Summary of a Home Inspection report…but you won’t have any good feel for the flow of the game. The same applies to a Home Inspection; one needs to observe the entire game, or at least be within earshot of the announcer, to have a good understanding of what led to the final outcome.

The answer to the initial subject question is necessarily, or should be, divided into two parts when referring to the typical Home Inspection. Why? Because there are typically two real estate agents involved in a real estate transaction. One real estate agent represents the selling party (the selling, or listing, agent)…and another represents the buying party (the buyers agent). In some instances, a single agent might represent both parties; this is commonly referred to as dual agency. For the purpose of this article, let us assume there are two agents involved in the real estate transaction and let us further assume that the transaction involves residential real estate.

Having been directly involved in thousands and thousands…and thousands… of Home Inspections, I have been in a position to directly observe the interactions between a large number of real estate agents and their respective clients. Most often, I interact directly with both the buyers and with their agents. I’m fortunate enough that my inspection schedule is typically and mostly full of inspections for clients that are represented by entirely professional, ethical real estate agents.

Let’s examine whether or not the buyers real estate agent should attend their clients Home Inspection. The answer, in my professional opinion, is…You Betcha! For anyone not familiar with that term, or who may not have any friends, family, or acquaintances in Minnesota, that means…Absolutely Yes!

I am going to preface the following comments with this…in over 15 years of providing professional Home Inspections, I have come to know, way down deep in my very soul, that a top-notch, professional, reliable and interested real estate agent will always…let me repeat, always…attend the Home Inspection with their clients. Why? Because the agents presence during that critical event is directly indicative of their professionalism and commitment to their client. How can an agent adequately represent the best interest of their clients if they don’t attend their clients Home Inspection? The fact is…they can’t. It’s my experience that if a professional agent can’t make it to the inspection for some reason (let’s face it, we all have emergencies every now and again), then they provide for one of the licensed associates to attend in their place.

The reason it’s so important for a buyers agent to attend is so that they can hear and see, first hand, any items that the Home Inspector is going to include in the report, This is important because there is almost always another round of negotiations subsequent to the completion of the Home Inspection and the buyers agent needs to fully understand the potential ramifications of the reported issues to fairly and adequately represent the buyer.

It’s been related to me, that a potential reason for a buyers agent not attending a Home Inspection is because of a perceived increase in liability for the agent. An agent once told me that if an issue later arises as the result of a Home Inspection, that it can be disclaimed by the agent because they weren’t there during the inspection. I don’t buy that notion as a reason not to attend the inspection. I do, however, advise agents to maintain a low profile during the inspection and let the inspector do the inspectin’. I advise them to let the Inspector assume the liability for reporting on the physical condition of the property….understand the issues, represent the client…but let the Home Inspector do the reporting.

Let’s now examine whether or not the sellers agent should attend the Home Inspection. In my opinion and simply stated, the answer is a resounding…NO! Why not? Because it is important that the results of the Home Inspection, that is to say the information that is ultimately going to be conveyed to the buyer by the Home Inspector, is confidential. It is the client that makes the determination as to what information is to be shared with whom and when it is to be shared. The client is paying for the Home Inspection report and they own it. Home Inspectors in states that have adopted licensing requirements, as well as Inspectors that operate under the Standards of Practice of the majority of professional Home inspection organizations, are not allowed to share any inspection details, with any third party, without the express permission of their client. It’s rare that the client wants to share that information before they have received the final report and have had an opportunity to assess its contents for themselves. In my experience, the vast majority of real estate agents understand this concept. However, and giving credit where credit is due, there are some circumstances where the listing agent is present because the seller (the homeowner) has mandated that they be present whenever anyone is inside of their home. In those types of unavoidable situations, the amount of verbally shared information between the client and the Inspector is typically minimal and may have to be communicated in…Shhhh…whispers.

Home Remodeling – Give Your Home a Makeover!

Over the years, people have been quite interested in giving their homes a new look. They want their homes to look perfectly up to the mark in sync with the latest trends and fashion. The need for home remodeling arises due to various reasons. People may consider remodeling their homes simply to give a new and fresh look to their homes. Whereas others may give in to peer pressure which is why they resort to home remodeling in order to fit in and show off.

Nowadays people want their homes to be functional as well as they should be so designed as to represent a perfect combination of style and comfort. With little planning and investment one can do wonders with the help of home remodeling. Home remodeling is a million dollar industry that has been quite successful in devising innovative means of redesigning homes within the limited budget. In order to remodel homes, people can decide about the necessary changes that they would like to introduce. Such changes may include renovating bedrooms, changing flooring of the house, adding beautification features like carpets, paintings, wall papers or cabinets and fixtures. The extent to which one would like to change the décor of the home would depend upon the budget and requirement for such alterations.

Types of Remodeling

  • Bathroom remodeling: In order to remodel a bathroom one needs to decide as to what changes he would like to introduce to make it comfortable and stylish at the same time. People are now keen on pampering themselves by having a luxury bathroom. This involves installing such facilities and utilities that would provide an enriching experience to people. People can go for installation of sauna baths and whirlpool bath tubs for a relaxing and exotic experience. People can also furnish their bathrooms with stylish cabinets combining them with selective toiletries. Ceramic tiles can be used to beautify the bathroom flooring.
  • Kitchen remodeling: Kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house. In order to give a make-over to the kitchens, people can go for quality kitchen appliances. In order to get the right kind of kitchen appliances, people should seek professional advice as to know about different brands available and then make a wise decision. People can give their kitchens a renewed look by introducing noticeable changes in kitchen lighting, flooring, and using quality kitchen sinks and fixtures.
  • Bedroom remodeling: Bedroom is one area where people like to relax and calm themselves after all day’s work. A bedroom should be beautiful as well as comfortable where one can peacefully lie down and have a good night’s sleep. A bedroom can be remodeled by using attractive and colorful wall papers to make the room bright and vibrant. The bedroom furniture should be so designed as to be in perfect sync with its natural aura and warmth. People can chose from different kinds of flooring to make their rooms elegant and graceful. In order to add a special touch of style, people can include wall paintings, gorgeous lighting, and a perfectly designed bed to make it look elegant.

Home remodeling can play a crucial role in making ones home the dream home. Home remodeling can be a time consuming and a tedious process which should be undertaken with lot of patience. With the help of home remodeling people can make a huge difference to their homes.

Considerations for Your Home Remodel

Whether you have owned your home for a few months or many years, all homeowners can benefit from a home remodel. Remodeling projects greatly vary – are you looking to spruce up a fireplace surround, or is your home in need of a complete home makeover? If you feel its time for a home overhaul, a remodel can make your dreams come true and help you turn your house into the home you’ve always imagined. Before you get started however, know that the remodeling process itself can give you nightmares. You should proceed with caution if you are thinking about a home remodel. Read on for more guidance on this endeavor.

Before you even start the process, you must first set aside a budget for this project. How do you know you have enough? Put together a list of your desired remodel projects and get an estimate from several contractors; this will give you a good idea of what your home remodel will cost. How do you look for good contractors? Begin by checking the phone book and websites for contractors in your area. Ask friends, family and coworkers if they have any personal experience working with a contractor they would recommend.

When searching for the right contractor, remember to check their experience and expertise. Have they been in business for a long time? Do they specialize in particular remodel projects? It is also a good idea to ask for references. A good contractor will have many references to share with you. Be wary of those who don’t as this could be a sign of inexperience or a contractor who doesn’t have a good working relationship with clients. If they have one, ask to view their portfolio of past home remodels to see what the contractor has accomplished. Work with someone you trust. You want to get quality results within your budget.

Next step is knowing what you want to be accomplished. If you aren’t sure exactly what you want, work closely with your contractor; they will be able to give you technical insight and experience-based knowledge that will help you decide where to spend your remodeling budget. Get a blueprint of your house and determine which parts will need the renovation. Are there things that need immediate structural repair? Perhaps there are cracked walls, or weakened beams, or damaged sidings. These things should get the foremost attention.

Be certain of the new look that you want to have for your home. You may want to get suggestions from a professional so they can help you realize your home remodel ideas. Planning and design always come first before any work is begun. Keep in mind that kitchen and bathroom remodeling add a lot of value to your home, but they are also more difficult and more expensive due to added plumbing and electrical requirements.

Here are some questions to ask yourself in a home remodel project:

• Do you want a good landscape for your lawn?

• A nice façade for your home?

• How big is your living room and what type of furniture do you want for it?

• Do you wish to have a separate entertainment room for your latest home theater system and other electronic gadgets?

• What theme do you want for your kitchen and how big should it be?

• What appliances will you get for your cooking needs?

• How spacious should the dining room be?

• What kind of lighting do you want for it?

• How many bedrooms are in the house?

• What specifications do you want for each?

• How many bathrooms are in the house?

• Do you want a consistent look for them?

• Would you consider getting a bathroom suite for this?

Remember that besides the aesthetic features that you may want to improve, note also the soundness of the functional features of the house like the electrical, plumbing, and air conditioning systems.

Know the timeline for the home remodel to be finished. Work closely with the contractors. You should be updated with the progress as frequently as possible. Ask questions about the remodel should you have any. Remember, once the work is finished you should come home to the house of your dreams!